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Bow Fiddle Rock in Moray
Milky Way rising over the hay bales and Loch Watten

Would you like to learn how to take images like these?

I feel my enjoyment of a wide variety of photography styles, from landscape to long exposure, black and white to astrophotography, uniquely place me in a position to offer tutorial sessions on a wide variety of photography subjects. Pair this with the amazing wild scenery and skies in Northern Scotland and you truly have a photographers paradise.

Workshops are available for any level of ability, from those who have just purchased a camera through to those looking to improve on techniques, and even those looking for beautiful locations to image. Without getting into too much jargon we can look at:

  • Composition - The key to creating spectacular images.

  • Camera Modes - Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Auto and Manual

  • The Exposure Triangle, what do Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO mean for images

  • Depth of Field and techniques to capture sharp shots

  • Night photography requirements

  • Editing your images

It will always be relaxing, this is meant to be an enjoyable pursuit after all, so no stress. The advantage of digital cameras mean we can take hundreds of "bad" shots while learning the craft. 

Initial workshops are taking the form of small tuition groups for those already coming on holiday to the Caithness area. I myself am based in Thurso. We can arrange a 1/2 Day, (4hrs am or pm) or Full day Workshop, (8hrs). Night shooting can be added on request and dependent on conditions. This will incur additional charge. I am also willing to do tutorials in specific client request regions which can be negotiated depending on travel distances.

Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions following the link below, these are VERY important.


A lone Birch with some colour amidst the snow
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