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Welcome to Caithness Astro and Landscapes Photography

Updated: May 4, 2023

Hello to all my new and regular followers. I have gone through a few branding changes since circa 2013 to get to this point. I have spent some time this month setting up my new website with functioning store as well as getting out and about around Caithness, the North Coast 500, (NC500) and wider Scotland capturing images around this beautiful landscape.


My main source of enjoyment in photography has been astrophotography. I bought a DSLR in 2013 to learn how to photograph the night skies. I have spent years doing this with a camera and for a period with a telescope system.

However one battle we have in Caithness is the low altitude and proximity to the sea leading to a lot of cloud cover. Add to this the fact it doesn't get dark enough for astro between around May and August, then the camera can be sitting around getting little use. So I decided to dive back into landscape photography, and have actually grown my enjoyment for this since returning to it in 2022, (I did a bit in my early days to learn how to use the camera etc). My camera equipment has gone through several upgrades since those early days and I now have an astro-modified Canon 6d for Astro, and a compact Olympus mirrorless system for landscapes.

What does the future hold?

I have been mulling over what I wish to do with my photography. The main thing is I want to continue using it as a tool to keep me active, get me out and exploring new locations, often with my best pal, George.

I have also decided I would like to offer photography tuition to visitors to the area with the potential to move into hosting workshops. If this is something that would be of interest then please contact me through the Workshop page. In the meantime I will now sign off from this, my first blog. Look out for these every 2 to 4 weeks where I'll ramble about my rambles.


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